Steel Fences

Steel fencing is extremely durable, and with steel's protective coating, this option will last for years to come and require minor maintenance. In comparison to aluminum, steel offers an option resistant to strong winds or damage. Steel fencing is a large investment up front, but it pays off in the long-run due to the lower frequency of upkeep required compared to other fencing materials.

Are you concerned about safety in your home? Steel provides a strong barrier to exterior elements, making it a high-security option for any residential property. Steel fencing is durable, provides safety and security, and is stylish and adds value to your property.

At B&T Fencing, we pride ourselves on our quality materials, and our ornamental steel fencing option is a great choice for both residential and commercial fencing projects. Steel fencing can be used for anything from fencing in your yard to enclosing your pool or as a secure property line around your entire commercial property. We have extensive experience installing all types of steel fencing, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with B&T Fencing. From the day we start, to years after the job is done.