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Ornamental aluminum fence in Tallahassee Florida


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Ornamental metal fence in Tallahassee Florida


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B&T Fencing is experienced in the variety of ornamental fences, available for both residential and commercial/industrial properties. As a top fence provider for the fencing needs of the Florida panhandle and the Alabama Gulf Coast for over 20 years, B&T Fencing installs any of our steel and aluminum ornamental fence options for a multitude of purposes. A stylish, extremely durable, and low-maintenance option, ornamental fencing is an extremely popular choice here at B&T Fencing.

The classic ornamental aluminum fencing is a popular option that provides complete style customization with reliable security, durability, and privacy aluminum provides. Not only can you choose from a range of colors, embellishments, accessories, and fence heights, but every aluminum fence is coated in a finish guaranteeing a long-lasting, fade-resistant finish.

Steel is our strongest metal fencing option. It's similar to aluminum but is more durable against strong winds, extreme weather, and other damage. While it is more of an investment in the beginning, it's quickly paid for in the increased security it provides, low maintenance needed, and increased value it will add to your property.

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