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Your Tallahassee Commercial Fence Project: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Business owners and property managers in Tallahassee, Florida have to make major decisions for safety and security. B & T Fencing, a well-established Tallahassee fence company, specializes in the safest commercial fence installations. Let’s work to get your Tallahassee commercial fence project planned and installed in three easy steps!

Gather Specs and Prep for Your Tallahassee Commercial Fence

The first step is to organize details for your specific Tallahassee commercial fence project. B & T installs commercial fences for office buildings, condominiums, soccer fields, and football stadiums in Tallahassee, Florida and beyond. No two projects are exactly alike, so let’s identify your priorities and iron out some details for your commercial fence. Here are a few specifics to consider:

What is the purpose of your commercial fence in Tallahassee, Florida?

What are the key requirements for your commercial fence? Is your aim to provide security, aesthetics, privacy, or restricted access to certain areas of your property? When you’re getting ready to install a commercial fence, it’s common to have multiple goals. Communicate with your business partners and colleagues to list all goals for this project.

What are the measurements for your commercial fence installation?

If you know the measurements and layout for your commercial fence installation, have that information readily available. The length of your fence is critical to provide an accurate estimate. To visualize your fence design online and see a cost estimate, use our virtual Instant Fence Estimator Tool. This feature makes it easy to design your Tallahassee commercial fence project and run the numbers!

Any concerns about the layout or obstacles on your commercial property?

Is the area where you’ll be installing a commercial fence sloped or is it flat ground? Do you have an old fence that needs to be removed or trees/shrubbery along the fence line? Make a list of concerns regarding the placement of your commercial fence so you can get answers and get a more accurate price quote. B & T Fencing will provide an in-person consultation and provide a free estimate. Get in touch if there are unique concerns that you want to factor in.

Are you incorporating any special features or add-ons?

  • Simple Gates and/or Access Entry Systems
  • Decorative Finials or Post Caps
  • Privacy Features or Upgrades
  • Security Features or Upgrades
  • Pool-grade Fencing Materials
  • Custom molding or cutouts (logo or monogram)

Explore Options and Installation for Tallahassee Commercial Fences

The next step can be more time intensive, but it will be worthwhile! Explore the options before deciding which type of commercial fence will suit your property best. Will you be better served by protective railings, commercial bollards, or a full commercial fence installation? There are a handful of commercial fence materials to choose from and countless styles to consider for your privacy fence, security fence, pool fence, or decorative fence, or other commercial fence application. Research styles and materials to make an educated choice for your Tallahassee commercial fence.

Strongest Commercial Fences in Tallahassee Florida


  • Commercial-grade steel and aluminum fencing are very strong metals, comparable to wrought iron. These types of commercial fences come in different grades and are treated to prevent rust and corrosion. These heavy metal fences are popular for their unmatched strength and durability.


  • Commercial chain link fencing is a more budget-friendly type of Tallahassee commercial fence material. Chain link is quite strong and comes in multiple thickness gauges. For increased security, we can install razor wire or barbed wire along the top of any commercial chain link fence. For full privacy, you can upgrade to include privacy slats to block outer visibility.


Attractive Commercial Fence Options

If your goal is to improve the look of your exterior property, consider a simple commercial-grade vinyl fence or even a securely installed wood fence. Both styles will add charm and curb appeal to your business grounds. Each type of commercial fence comes in a variety of styles and colors and may be upgraded to use steel posts and framing for added strength and durability.


  • Vinyl fencing is very low-maintenance and comes in a variety of styles and colors, including a wood grain look. You can design a commercial vinyl fence either for privacy or for aesthetics.


  • Wood fences require more upkeep to keep your commercial property looking brand-new. For best results, choose cedar over pressure-treated pine and pre-stain the lumber to keep it in great condition.


Security and Traffic Control in Tallahassee, Florida

We can install a commercial fence with closely placed slats or bars or tight-knit chain link fencing for the highest level of security for your property. Partner with our Tallahassee fence company for the best solutions to your security and traffic control needs.


  • Concrete Bollards and Rails – Tallahassee commercial fences can deter cars from entering a specific area, but you may also consider the option of bollards or rails. 


  • Temporary Fencing Solutions – If you need temporary fencing for an event or to isolate an area that’s under construction, we are equipped to provide a solution.

Partner with B & T Fencing, a Commercial Tallahassee Fence Company

You’ve reached the final step in the process of installing a commercial fence! Now, you must choose a commercial fence company to do your installation. Commercial fence installation is a big job. It requires a contractor that’s capable of handling large-scale projects with professionalism and expertise. We’d like you to consider working with us.


  • At B & T Fencing, we specialize in Tallahassee-area commercial fence installations, a market we have served for over twenty years.


  • We have expanded to open two additional locations, one in Baldwin County, AL and another in Panama City, FL.


  • Governor Rick Scott recognized B & T Fencing for our efforts in creating jobs and opportunities for Florida. (Governor’s Business Ambassador Award, 2016)


  • Our team members are professionally trained, licensed, bonded, and insured

Call the Commercial Fence Experts at B & T Fencing Today!

Our B & T Fencing experts love to work with other successful businesses. We are honored to play a vital role in the infrastructure of Florida. Let’s work together to make Florida safer, stronger, and more beautiful for customers in our community! Call our Tallahassee location at (850) 942-1003 or easily contact us online to get started on your next commercial fence installation.


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