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Tips For Wood Fence Installation From a Tallahassee Fence Company

Wood fencing is one of the most popular choices for fencing in Tallahassee, FL and surrounding areas. There are many things to consider when purchasing a new fence. If you’d like to know more about wood fencing to determine if this is the right material for your property, then let B&T Fencing, one of the top-rated fence companies in Tallahassee, give you some information that will help you determine if wood fencing and is right for you and how important proper installation is for long-lasting, quality fences

Step One: Determine the Location for Your Wood Fence

Prior to scheduling the installation of your new wood fence, you’ll need to determine where you want your fence to go. This will depend on your needs and preferences. It may be that you only want to enclose your backyard with a privacy fence, or perhaps you’d like to install a picket fence that surrounds your entire property. There are many different styles of wood fencing, each lending itself to a different need. Here is a list of our most popular.

Shadowbox Wood Fences

This is a great option for Tallahassee homes. The shadowbox-style wood fence provides full privacy while looking great on both sides of the fence, making it a great “neighbor” fence. 

Post and Rail Wood Fencing 

When you have a large area of property around your home in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, a post and rail wood fence, also commonly known as a “farm fence”, is a good choice. While this type of wood fencing does not create privacy, it is ideal for marking borders and keeping out larger animals. It’s a straightforward design that is easy to maintain, looks clean and decorative and is also a cost-effective option.

Cap and Trim Wood Fences

Another of our favorite wood fence styles to install is the cap and trim style wood fence. This style is also often called Board on Board.  The addition of a lattice top or something similar is a great way to finish your fence. It really dresses it up and makes your wood fence the envy of your neighbors!

Wood Picket Fencing in Texas

A classic picket fence is seen in many front yards all across Tallahassee, FL and gives your property a quaint and welcoming appearance. Picket fences tend to look great on almost any property and instantly provide improved curb appeal.

Step Two: Determine the Main Purpose for your Wood Fence

As well as knowing the location of your fence, it’s also important to consider what you want your new wooden fence to accomplish for your home. Our customers typically choose to have a brand new fence installed by a Tallahassee fence company for the following reasons:


If your priority is privacy while relaxing in your backyard, then a wood fence is a great choice. You can choose from any of the styles listed above; however, the classic stockade or shadowbox style of wood fences gives an overlapping board look that is just as decorative on either side. Both of these styles are conducive to providing privacy and also help block wind and noise.

Curb Appeal

A fence may dramatically alter the look of your property, giving your house a unique look in your neighborhood. Wood fencing is very customizable in style and has the added benefit of being even more versatile with the addition of paint or stain. A sealing stain may enhance the inherent grain of wood fencing and will maintain the wood looking great for years to come.

Animal Barrier

Fences made of wood are a fast and simple solution to keep your family pets from wandering off your property. If you choose a privacy style of fence, it may prevent excessive barking since your dog will not be able to see people or other animals walking by. 

Step Three: Wood Fences vs Other Materials

Despite their widespread popularity in the United States, you’ll want to make sure that a wood fence is the best choice for what you want your end result to be. Here’s a quick look at how wood compares to other fencing options on the market.


A wood fence is often less expensive than some of the alternatives, like aluminum or vinyl. Chain-link fencing can also be cost-effective, but you may prefer the natural look of wood fencing over a utilitarian chain link fence. If you want a fence that is beautiful, customizable, and somewhat budget-friendly, a wood fence is a great choice.


There are species of wood, like cedar,  that are more durable than others, but they will come with a higher price tag. Materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fences are a lot less maintenance and will generally outlast wood fences. Wood has a natural beauty that doesn’t compare to other materials, so if you’re willing to provide the maintenance and repair required during the life of a wood fence, then wood is a good option.


The natural look of wood fences can greatly improve the appearance of your property. Wood fencing also allows a lot of versatility with different styles and, if you paint or stain it, different colors. Vinyl fence material can provide the look of wood fencing and requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl also will last longer than natural wood fences. Aluminum fences are known for their elegant look, low maintenance, and longevity as well. 

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