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There's nothing more frustrating than hiring a company who doesn't meet your expectations. You won't have to worry about a thing when working with B&T Fencing in Woodville, Florida!

Woodville Florida Fence Company

From the first phone call to the final inspection, our team delivers responsive and attentive service and great communication. Our team of expert installers will construct your fence with skill and efficiency, and we'll leave your property looking as good, if not better, than before we even got there!

All of our fences and workmanship are fully warrantied so you can rest easy knowing we'll take care of any issues should something ever come up. We are also passionate about our professionalism. Our team is committed to excellence and serving our customers. We are confident that we can meet your high expectations and even surpass them!

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Woodville Florida residential and commercial fencing

Woodville, FL Residential and Commercial Fencing

If you're looking for a new fence for your home or business, check out the options from B&T Fencing. Residential and commercial fences in Woodville, Florida are often constructed from the same materials, but there are several key distinctions.

Woodville, FL Residential Fences

The wide variety of high-quality residential fencing choices that we carry is a major factor in why we are considered the best fencing company in the Woodville area. Wood fences, composite fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, ornamental steel, and aluminum fences are just some of the options available for residential fencing. We have a wide variety of colors and designs, from classic to cutting-edge modern. We offer residential fence solutions that will work for your WoodvilleFlorida location, whether you need it for security, privacy, or as an attractive complement to your property.

Woodville Residential Fencing

Woodville, FL Commercial Fences

As one of the most trusted suppliers for commercial fencing in Woodville and the surrounding areas, our team provides a wide variety of commercial fence products to choose from. Most commercial fences are designed to meet higher levels of security demands and can be purchased with a tougher grade of fence material than is typically used for residential fences. In most cases, a chain link fence is the most common choice for enclosing a facility, although other materials such as ornamental steel, aluminum, vinyl, composite fencing or even wood can be used.

Woodville Commercial Fencing

Woodville, FloridaMost Popular Types of Fencing

Woodville residents and business owners may choose from a broad variety of fencing alternatives to meet their specific requirements and goals. We provide many types of fencing options in Woodville and the surrounding area, including privacy, decorative, pool, and more.

Vinyl Fences

Many Woodville homeowners choose vinyl fences due to their easy maintenance and long-lasting beauty. Vinyl fences are well-known for their long lifespan and their versatility as a privacy or open-border option.

Wood Fences

Woodville, FL and the surrounding region are well-known for their use of wood fences. Wood fence is a natural and versatile option that can be tailored to suit your needs in almost any setting. If you want your wood fence to match the color of your house or business, wood fences will give you a great outcome.

Ornamental Fences

Woodville, FL and the surrounding region are well-known for their use of wood fences. Wood fence is a natural and versatile option that can be tailored to suit your needs in almost any setting. If you want your wood fence to match the color of your house or business, wood fences will give you a great outcome.

Chain Link Fences

As one of the most practical types of fencing for Woodville's residential and commercial properties, chain link fences are a popular choice. Chain link fence is a cost-effective and long-lasting option for many property owners.

Composite Fences

Composite fences are a durable, environmentally responsible solution for fencing in Woodville that resembles wood but doesn't need staining. Composite fencing is typically made from recycled chips or sawdust and is robust and requires little upkeep.

Types of fences we install in Woodville FL

Buy A Fence in 3 Easy Steps in Woodville

Since 2020, B&T Fence has been supplying Woodville with the high-quality fence installation and fence supplies that its customers have come to expect from the best contractor in the area. You can have the ideal fence for your property up and running in no time by following our three easy steps.

Buying a Woodville fence - Step 1


From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

Think about the many fence varieties we provide and the multiple fence designs that are offered for properties in Woodville, Florida. Many high-quality fences that can withstand the Florida climate and survive for decades are available to choose between. We are ready to take your call! Learn more about the many fence solutions we provide on our website.

Buying a Woodville fence - Step 2


Your Perfect Fence

Selecting a fence in Woodville is as easy as giving our professional team a call or browsing the options on our instant fence quote tool. Select your favorite fence material, grade level, color, and style that fits all of your needs and budget. B&T has been consulting with homeowners and business owners on the finest fencing solutions for years, and we are happy to do the same for you. Find the greatest, most durable fence for your new construction project with our expertise.

Buying a Woodville fence - Step 3


From the Professionals

When you choose to install a fence with our crew, we will deliver your fence materials and have your fence put up quickly and efficiently. Our staff is here to help you get exactly what you want and need.

Woodville Florida privacy fencing

Woodville, FloridaFences that Create Privacy

Homeowners and business owners in Woodville have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to the design of privacy fences that not only look wonderful but also last for a very long time. Our team can expertly install your privacy fence to meet your needs and budget.

Woodville, FloridaWood Privacy Fences

Woodville residents often choose wood privacy fences for their space. Wood fences create a natural barrier that can be made to match nearly any color or style you wish. They can also be customized by our experienced fence team to be the height and design you want most.

Wood Privacy Fences

Woodville, FloridaVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences work perfectly for many Woodville properties. Not only do they stand up well to the local climate and create full privacy for your yard, but they require nearly no maintenance for their entire lifetime.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Woodville, FloridaComposite Privacy Fences

Unlike wood and plastic materials, trex fencing provides the best of both worlds, low maintenance and natural look for your privacy fence needs. Composite fencing is a durable, recycled material that can last upwards of 25 years!

Composite Privacy Fences

Talk to A Fence Expert

Do you have questions? Talk to a B&T Fencing fence expert. We are here to help answer questions about your fence and the best options for your residential or commercial property in the Woodville, Florida area.

Best Types of Wood Fences in Woodville

Wood fences are able to be custom-made in a variety of styles, making them a popular choice for Woodville residents. We have many different options and the following list showcases a few of our customer's favorites.

Woodville FL Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

Shadowbox fence is attractive from both sides of the fence, as it is designed by alternating pickets on either side of the fence. Available in both vertical and horizontal styles, it is a stylish option for homeowners in Woodville, Florida. Shadowbox fencing looks identical on both sides, making it a great "good neighbor" fence!

Woodville FL Privacy Style Wood Fences

Privacy Style Wood Fences

Traditional wood privacy fences in Woodville, FL are available in board-on-board or stockade options. Customize the top of your fence by choosing between flat top, dog-ear, lattice, convex, or concave finishes. Another custom feature is the height of the fence, which can range from 4' to 8' tall.

Woodville FL Picket Style Wood Fences

Picket Style Wood Fences

Picket style wood fences have been the standard for a welcoming, nostalgic look for any home in the Woodville area. Whether you choose an iconic white picket fence or a taller, stained 6 ft fence, both offer a decorative border to your property. If you are looking to add curb appeal, picket fences are an excellent choice!

Woodville FL Post and Rail Style Wood Fences

Post and Rail Style Wood Fences

Post and rail fences are rustic and functional. Constructed by suspending long, smooth-cut rails between large posts, they are excellent options for marking clear property borders or for keeping large animals enclosed. They also are a nice decorative fence option for Woodville property owners.


Fence Installation Options

For homes and businesses across Woodville, Florida, we will work with you to plan your fence installation at the best time you need it!

Woodville Florida Professional Fence Installation

Fences in Woodville, Florida

We have a fantastic crew of fence installers that are knowledgeable and efficient with any fence you can imagine. Call B&T Fence when you need expert installation services. All of our fence professionals are experienced installers who know the Woodville area, the climate, and your local town regulations. Connect with our staff about your fencing needs so that we can help you choose the ideal fence and arrange our expert installation.

High Quality Fencing in Woodville That Delivers

When it comes to protecting your home, your family, your business, all the things that are most important, you should not let it be left to just anyone. Trust the licensed and insured professionals at B&T Fencing to deliver with top rated performance in fence installation.

Woodville, Florida residents and business owners can find the perfect fence solution from our wide variety of fence styles and materials.

With over 22 years providing fencing to the Woodville, FL area, we know a thing or two about building solid fences that last and look great. For every type of fencing project, talk to the pros at B&T Fencing!

We are proud to be consistently recognized as one of the top fence companies in the Woodville area year after year, and we would love to show you what high quality fences and caring service is all about.

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Woodville, Florida property owners can use our FREE online Fence Estimator Tool to easily compare pricing of different configurations, options, and styles for your fence. Get your instant price quote now!

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B&T Fencing is your trusted Woodville fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area for over 20 years. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that B&T Fencing offers the best in modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

Yes! B&T Fencing is licensed and insured for every job that we do across the Woodville area. You can be assured that with our professional workmanship and expert staff that we'll take care to do every job under the safest and professional guidelines possible.

We take pride in our work and all of our fence installations in Woodville and the surrounding area have a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we do. Many of our fence materials also have manufacturer warranties. You can get additional details about our warranties by just giving us a call or contacting us on our website.

Easy! Just give us a call. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Woodville fencing job as soon as possible.

You can also use our INSTANT FENCE PRICING ESTIMATOR to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information.

Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Woodville, FL, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near all of the water and moisture a pool area will expose it to. If a protective stain and sealant are applied every couple of years, it can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer when installed around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

Chain link fencing is maintenance free! No need to treat it or clean it, except maybe hosing it down once a year if it starts to build up a little dirt. The galvanized zinc coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion and when you buy a PVC coated chain link fence, that adds another layer of protection, giving you a fence that will stand on its own for many years to come.

Permitting regulations vary in every Woodville and municipality, so it depends! That being said, our team is happy to help you determine what you need in Woodville before you begin your fence installation project and work with you to make sure all the proper procedures are in place.

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