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What Are ASTM Standards for Tallahassee Residential Fences?

Finding a skilled and professional Florida fence contractor may be a challenge if you’re unsure how to determine which company is the most qualified for your project. Spend some time comparing fencing companies, and you might see the assertion that a fence meets “ASTM safety standards.” If you’re wondering how these standards are set and why they are important when searching for Tallahassee residential fences, then this article can tell you more!

How are ASTM Safety Standards Developed?

In 1898, a group of engineers and scientists formed the American Society for Testing Materials in order to find a solution for the frequent rail breaks experienced in the railroad industry. Consequently, they created a standard for the steel used to create rails. Now known as ASTM International, this scientific and technical organization continues to develop and set safety and quality standards for a variety of industries and materials, including metals, paints, plastics, textiles, petroleum, and consumer products. ASTM is the largest source of voluntary consensus standards in the world. 


ASTM standards are set by voluntary committees composed of ASTM International members. Members of these committees are generally not appointed or invited to a committee; rather, they join as academics and consultants of their own accord. These committees set the standards that are used by over 140 countries worldwide. Currently, 143 technical writing committees put together the annual standards book according to guidelines set by the World Trade Organization. 

Why Are ASTM Standards Important for my Fence?

ASTM International committees deliver standards, test methods, specifications, guides, and practices to ensure the quality and consistency of materials. Many industries and individuals, including scientists, engineers, architects, and government agencies, rely on ASTM standards and consider them a dependable resource. While ASTM has no authority to enforce these standards or require compliance with them, many industries have adopted these standards as the mandatory code for their organizations. Fencing companies that follow these standards are ensuring that they only use the highest quality materials and follow the best safety practices.


When hiring a Florida fence contractor and investing in your fence materials, you need to be able to trust that they will perform as promised. At B&T Fencing, following ASTM standards is mandatory for every fence we install. We use products and follow procedures that follow the ASTM standards. You can rest easy, knowing that you are getting a Tallahassee residential fence that is built to the highest standards, with the highest quality products. 

An Example of What NOT to Do!

For a 6-foot privacy fence, ASTM standards require fence posts to be set at least 30 inches deep. One of our customers had a fence installed by a different contractor who did not follow ASTM standards. This post was only set 4 inches deep, creating a serious safety hazard! Hardly any pressure at all would cause this fence to easily collapse, causing untold amounts of damage and harm! 

Choose a Fence Company That Adheres to ASTM Standards of Safety and Quality

As a top Florida fence contractor, B&T Fencing provides the highest quality materials that meet or exceed the ASTM standards. We are committed to following proper procedures on our projects. We put our customers first and guarantee to provide the best quality fence materials available. 


If you have questions or would like more information, our knowledgeable fence professionals are here to assist you. We have offices in both Mobile, AL, and Tallahassee, FL. Please call us at (850) 942-1003 or contact us online for fast, friendly service! 



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