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If you're in the market for a new fence, you should know that not all Ocala, Florida fence companies are necessarily the same. At B&T Fencing, we use high quality fence materials with outstanding warranties and possess the industry's most effective techniques and that sets us apart from the others. We'll guide you through the fence selection process from beginning to end so that you get the type of fence to meet your particular needs, whether it's to provide privacy, security, beauty, or safety for your property. The first step is to identify your specific fencing needs and we will work together to select the best materials and fencing features for your budget. Next, we'll create a layout and plan the installation for your fence. At B&T Fencing, we make it easy to get the perfect fence for your outdoor space!

B&T Fencing has an excellent reputation because we take great care of our local customers!

We never cut corners and our prices are fair. All of the fence and fence accessories that we sell are high quality and protected under warranty so you know that you can count on us. Our ethical and hard-working attitude helps us get repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. If you've never worked with us before, please consider choosing B&T Fencing as your Ocala, Florida fence company. Contact us today for a free consultation and help you to get the perfect fence for your space!

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Options for Residential and Commercial Fencing in
Ocala, FL

At B&T Fencing, we provide a wide range of options for both residential and commercial fencing. While many of the fencing materials can be used in either situation, there are some differences that set apart a residential fence from a commercial fence in certain scenarios across Ocala, FL.

Ocala Florida residential fencing contractor

Ocala, FLResidential Fences

One of the factors that has helped us gain our reputation as a top fence company in the Ocala region is our full selection of high quality residential fencing options. Residential fencing is available in many styles and materials such as wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, composite fence, and aluminum fence. The styles and colors we offer range from traditional to modern and every type in between. Whether you're looking for added security, privacy for your backyard, or a beautiful border accent to your home, we have the residential fencing options that will work perfectly for your Ocala, FL location.

Ocala Florida commercial fencing contractor

Ocala, FLCommercial Fences

Because we provide a comprehensive list of commercial fence products to match your company's needs, B&T Fencing has established itself as one of the most reliable sources for commercial fencing in Ocala and Florida. Unlike residential fences, most commercial fences are built with stronger, heavier grades of the same materials to achieve higher levels of security and strength. While chain link fencing is what most people may think of when they imagine a commercial fence, other materials like aluminum, ornamental steel, vinyl, and even wood can be installed depending on the need.

Get an Instant Fence Quote!

Ocala, Florida property owners can use our FREE online Fence Estimator Tool to easily compare pricing of different configurations, options, and styles for your fence. Get your instant price quote now!

Ocala, FL Preferred Fencing Types

Residents and business owners in Ocala can choose from many different types of fences to meet their own needs and goals. We offer a wide range of fence options in Ocala and the surrounding area, such as decorative, security, and privacy fencing.

Ocala, FL Ornamental Fences

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental aluminum and steel fences are popular with homeowners and business owners in Ocala because they have an exceptionally elegant look, last a long time, and don't need much upkeep. Aluminum fencing is the only kind of fence that many pool owners want around their pools.

Ocala, FL Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are one of the most popular types of fencing in Ocala, both for homes and businesses, because they are one of the most useful. Many property owners prefer chain link fences because they are strong and affordable.

Ocala, FL Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences

People in Ocala know that vinyl fences last a long time and can be installed in ways that give privacy or let people see through them. They are also low maintenance and look great. You can choose your vinyl fence from many different styles to get the look you want.

Ocala, FL Wood Fences

Wood Fences

Many people know about the wood fences in and around Ocala. Wood fencing is a great choice for a wide range of uses because it is natural and easy to change. This is especially true if you want to match the color of your home or business to your fence, as the options are endless.

Ocala, FL Composite Fences

Composite Fences

Composite fences are a durable, environmentally responsible solution for fencing in Ocala that resembles wood but doesn't need staining. Composite fencing is made from recycled plastic and sawdust and is robust and requires little upkeep. Trex Fencing is heavier than comparable lumber and the durability of Trex fencing provides a superior product that will last and maintain value for the next 25 years and more!

B&T Fencing Knows Fencing in Ocala, Florida

There's no better way to have a fence installed than with a local Ocala, FL area company who's got your best interest in mind! At B&T Fencing, we believe in 4 key values:

Customer Satisfaction → Quality Workmanship → Efficient Processes → Dependable Service

Every fence we build is created with each of these important values in mind and at the end of the day, you'll see the incredible difference it makes!

B&T Fencing is a Ocala, Florida full service fence company offering installations for both residential and commercial fencing in aluminum fencing, wood fencing, vinyl fencing and chain link fencing and more! We are also experts at gate and gate opener installations. Take a look at the wide variety of fencing styles, colors and materials available to you. When you need the pros to help, look no further than our team!

For quality fence products, friendly service and a beautiful fence installed just right, call the experts at B&T Fencing today! Let us show you the difference it makes to work with a company who cares about YOUR needs!

Buy A Fence in 3 Easy Steps in Ocala

Since 2020, B&T Fence has been supplying Ocala with the high-quality fence installation and fence supplies that its customers have come to expect from the best contractor in the area. You can have the ideal fence for your property up and running in no time by following our three easy steps.

Buying a Ocala fence - Step 1


From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

Think about the many fence varieties we provide and the multiple fence designs that are offered for properties in Ocala, Florida. Many high-quality fences that can withstand the Florida climate and survive for decades are available to choose between. We are ready to take your call! Learn more about the many fence solutions we provide on our website.

Buying a Ocala fence - Step 2


Your Perfect Fence

Selecting a fence in Ocala is as easy as giving our professional team a call or browsing the options on our instant fence quote tool. Select your favorite fence material, grade level, color, and style that fits all of your needs and budget. B&T has been consulting with homeowners and business owners on the finest fencing solutions for years, and we are happy to do the same for you. Find the greatest, most durable fence for your new construction project with our expertise.

Buying a Ocala fence - Step 3


From the Professionals

When you choose to install a fence with our crew, we will deliver your fence materials and have your fence put up quickly and efficiently. Our staff is here to help you get exactly what you want and need.

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Yes! B&T Fencing is licensed and insured across every area we work in Ocala. You can be sure by our professional workmanship and expert staff that we take pride in our work and take care to do every job under the safest and best guidelines possible.

We take pride in our work and all of our Ocala and the surrounding area installations have a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we do. Most of our fence materials also have impressive manufacturer warranties.

Permitting regulations vary in every town and municipality, so it depends! That being said, our team is happy to help you determine what you need in Ocala before you begin your fence installation project and work with you to make sure all the proper procedures are in place.

Easy! Just give us a call or contact us on our website. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Ocala fencing job as soon as possible.

You can also use our INSTANT FENCE PRICING ESTIMATOR to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information.

While most fence materials can be used around pool areas, we recommend using vinyl, aluminum, composite, or chain link fence in Ocala. Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Ocala, FL, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near the water a pool area will expose it to. Proper stain and sealant application every couple of years can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer if you decide it's the type of fencing you would like to install around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

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