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If you're in the market for a new fence, you should know that not all Elberta, Alabama fence companies are necessarily the same. At B&T Fencing, we use high quality fence materials with outstanding warranties and possess the industry's most effective techniques and that sets us apart from the others. We'll guide you through the fence selection process from beginning to end so that you get the type of fence to meet your particular needs, whether it's to provide privacy, security, beauty, or safety for your property. The first step is to identify your specific fencing needs and we will work together to select the best materials and fencing features for your budget. Next, we'll create a layout and plan the installation for your fence. At B&T Fencing, we make it easy to get the perfect fence for your outdoor space!

B&T Fencing has an excellent reputation because we take great care of our local customers!

We never cut corners and our prices are fair. All of the fence and fence accessories that we sell are high quality and protected under warranty so you know that you can count on us. Our ethical and hard-working attitude helps us get repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. If you've never worked with us before, please consider choosing B&T Fencing as your Elberta, Alabama fence company. Contact us today for a free consultation and help you to get the perfect fence for your space!

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Options for Residential and Commercial Fencing in
Elberta, AL

At B&T Fencing, we provide a wide range of options for both residential and commercial fencing. While many of the fencing materials can be used in either situation, there are some differences that set apart a residential fence from a commercial fence in certain scenarios across Elberta, AL.

Elberta Alabama residential fencing contractor

Elberta, ALResidential Fences

One of the factors that has helped us gain our reputation as a top fence company in the Elberta region is our full selection of high quality residential fencing options. Residential fencing is available in many styles and materials such as wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, composite fence, and aluminum fence. The styles and colors we offer range from traditional to modern and every type in between. Whether you're looking for added security, privacy for your backyard, or a beautiful border accent to your home, we have the residential fencing options that will work perfectly for your Elberta, AL location.

Elberta Alabama commercial fencing contractor

Elberta, ALCommercial Fences

Because we provide a comprehensive list of commercial fence products to match your company's needs, B&T Fencing has established itself as one of the most reliable sources for commercial fencing in Elberta and Alabama. Unlike residential fences, most commercial fences are built with stronger, heavier grades of the same materials to achieve higher levels of security and strength. While chain link fencing is what most people may think of when they imagine a commercial fence, other materials like aluminum, ornamental steel, vinyl, and even wood can be installed depending on the need.

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Our friendly team of fence experts are ready to help you find the perfect fence design and style in the Elberta area. Reach out with your questions to get the information you need quickly.

Elberta, Alabama Essential Types of Fencing

Residents of Elberta, AL have made a wide selection of fences to meet a diverse range of needs. Fences of all types, including privacy fences, pool fences, ornamental fences, and other types of fencing, may be built in Elberta and the surrounding area.

composite fence Elberta Alabama

Composite Fences

Composite fences are a durable, environmentally responsible solution for fencing in Elberta that resembles wood but doesn't need staining. Composite fencing is made from recycled and sawdust that would otherwise be in our landfills and is robust and requires little upkeep. Trex Fencing is heavier than comparable lumber and the durability of Trex fencing provides a superior product that will last and maintain value for the next 25 years and more!

Composite Fences
vinyl fence Elberta Alabama

Vinyl Fences

Because vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors and styles, they are a popular choice for homeowners in Elberta. When constructed properly, vinyl fencing needs minimal maintenance and may last for many many years without fading or cracking and looking brand new.

Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Elberta Alabama

Chain Link Fences

Elberta's chain link fence may be used for a variety of purposes, but chain link fencing is the only kind of fence that can provide the same degree of protection at a reasonable cost for both residential and commercial fence projects. Chain link fences are both a highly practical and incredibly strong fence option no matter what your needs are in Elberta.

Chain Link Fences
wood fence Elberta Alabama

Wood Fences

Homeowners in Elberta and the surrounding areas choose wood fences above any other kind of fencing when it comes to their property's protective measures. Wood fences are the most affordable option for the majority of people, and they are also available in a broad range of styles. Regardless of what tone you want, wood may be stained or painted to achieve the precise look you wish for your home or business.

Wood Fences
Ornamental Fence Elberta Alabama

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental steel and aluminum fencing are popular options with our customers in Elberta because of its beautiful look and low-maintenance needs. It comes with a lifetime warranty and requires little maintenance. Ornamental fencing is a top choice that many homeowners consider when it comes to constructing a fence around their pool is aluminum fencing.

Ornamental Fences

Elberta, Alabama Privacy Fences

No one does fences like we do! Homeowners and business owners all over the Elberta area can choose between the many styles of privacy fencing we carry to meet their needs.

Elberta Alabama wood privacy fencing

Elberta, Alabama
Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are a popular type of fence to choose in Elberta. Many people love the natural look and economic qualities wood often has, not to mention the variety of styles you can choose from to customize your fence to match your style.

Elberta Wood Privacy Fencing
Elberta Alabama wood privacy fencing

Elberta, Alabama
Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences in Elberta are not only long lasting and beautiful, but practically maintenance free for no-hassle longevity.

Elberta Vinyl Privacy Fencing
Elberta Alabama wood privacy fencing

Elberta, Alabama
Composite Privacy Fences

Trex composite fencing offers superior durability and performance and resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter and never needs staining or painting. What's more, Trex Fencing is made from 95% recycled materials, making it an environmentally-friendly choice you can feel great about.

Elberta Composite Privacy Fencing

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Wood Fence Options for Elberta, Alabama Property Owners

For property owners in Elberta, Alabama looking for a natural, eco-friendly fence material, wood fencing is an excellent choice. There are many ways to customize a wood fence, from style to color to height. The following styles are a few of the popular fence designs you will see around the Elberta region.

Wood fence styles that are popular in Elberta AL
Elberta AL Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

Shadowbox fence is attractive from both sides of the fence, as it is designed by alternating pickets on either side of the fence. Available in both vertical and horizontal styles, it is a stylish option for homeowners in Elberta, AL. Shadowbox fencing looks identical from both sides making it a great "good neighbor" fence!

Elberta AL Privacy Style Wood Fences

Privacy Style Wood Fences

Full privacy wood fences in Elberta are available in stockade or board-on-board designs with multiple options for styling the top. Flat top, dog-ear, or lattice are a few of the custom choices we offer. Additionally, you can choose the height of your fence, ranging between 4' to 8' tall. If you need a completely private space, full privacy is a good choice.

Elberta AL Picket Wood Fences

Picket Wood Fences

Classic and iconic wood picket fences add a charming element to any property. They are a good choice for Elberta home or business owners who want to clearly mark their property lines while adding a decorative element to their yard. The pickets can be finished with a traditional picket top, a concave top, or a convex top depending on the style you prefer. If you are looking to add curb appeal, picket fences are an excellent choice.

Elberta AL Post and Rail Style Wood Fences

Post and Rail Style Wood Fences

Post and Rail style wood fences are a great choice for adding a border to large areas of land. Many farms choose to use this style of fencing to keep livestock within borders and adding wire to this type of fence can also ensure smaller animals stay on the property. Rail style wood fence is a great option for long driveways and the classic look works well on properties in the Elberta area.


Fence Installation From the Elberta Pros

B&T Fence is proud to be among the best-reviewed fence installation businesses in Elberta. We welcome the chance to demonstrate our quality service and customer care!

Elberta Alabama Professional Fence Installation

We Have the Fence Installation Expertise and Know-How!

Whether your fence project is big or small, we deliver the highest quality service in Elberta. Our professional installers use only the most reliable methods and industry standards to install your fence, no matter which material or style you choose. You can count on the professionals at B&T Fence to build you a great fence that lasts!

High Quality Fencing in Elberta That Delivers

When it comes to protecting your home, your family, your business, all the things that are most important, you should not let it be left to just anyone. Trust the licensed and insured professionals at B&T Fencing to deliver with top rated performance in fence installation.

Elberta, Alabama residents and business owners can find the perfect fence solution from our wide variety of fence styles and materials.

With over 22 years providing fencing to the Elberta, AL area, we know a thing or two about building solid fences that last and look great. For every type of fencing project, talk to the pros at B&T Fencing!

We are proud to be consistently recognized as one of the top fence companies in the Elberta area year after year, and we would love to show you what high quality fences and caring service is all about.

Buying a Fence in Elberta, Alabama

Our Simple Process

Getting a fence in Elberta couldn't be easier than through our one-stop shopping. The B&T Fence crew has been in the business since 2020, so we are aware of all the ins and outs of top-notch fence installation. At our company, we carry a large selection of fence materials to meet your needs. The first step in getting started on your fence building project is getting in touch with us or using our free online fence estimate tool.

Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property
Measure the Property

Get an accurate measure of your yard in order to calculate how much fencing material you'll need and exactly where you'll need to install it.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style
Choose a Style

Take your time and choose the fencing material, design, and finish that will best complement your home. Our team is glad to help!

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation
Delivery & Installation

As soon as you've made your fence and style decision, our crew can schedule the arrival of materials and get your installation on our schedule at a time that works best for you. You're on your way to a beautiful, new fence!

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B&T Fencing is your trusted Elberta fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area for over 20 years. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that B&T Fencing offers the best in modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

Yes! B&T Fencing is licensed and insured for every job that we do across the Elberta area. You can be assured that with our professional workmanship and expert staff that we'll take care to do every job under the safest and professional guidelines possible.

We take pride in our work and all of our fence installations in Elberta and the surrounding area have a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we do. Many of our fence materials also have manufacturer warranties. You can get additional details about our warranties by just giving us a call or contacting us on our website.

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Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Elberta, AL, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near all of the water and moisture a pool area will expose it to. If a protective stain and sealant are applied every couple of years, it can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer when installed around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

Chain link fencing is maintenance free! No need to treat it or clean it, except maybe hosing it down once a year if it starts to build up a little dirt. The galvanized zinc coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion and when you buy a PVC coated chain link fence, that adds another layer of protection, giving you a fence that will stand on its own for many years to come.

Permitting regulations vary in every Elberta and municipality, so it depends! That being said, our team is happy to help you determine what you need in Elberta before you begin your fence installation project and work with you to make sure all the proper procedures are in place.

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