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5 Things to Look for in a Florida Fence Company

If you are in the market to dress up your home and find yourself looking for a Florida fence company, there are many things to consider. Finding one that is trustworthy, reputable, dependable, and knowledgeable can be a challenge. Disruption and uncertainty in the retail market and economy have made finding a Florida fence company with a solid business history and exceptional expertise even more difficult. In this article, we will  discuss which details to look at and which ones should influence your decision. 

Top Traits of a Fence Company You Can Trust

There are a few key questions you should ask when planning your fence project. You can trust the Tallahassee fence company, B & T Fencing, to answer “yes!” to the following questions.

1. Is the Company Insured?

A dedicated and conscientious fence company will fully insure both their work and their workers. This gives you peace of mind and guarantees that you’ll be protected should any accidents happen on your project.


B & T Fencing is fully insured for all of the work we do in and around the Tallahassee, Florida region and in our Baldwin County, AL communities. We guarantee safe, healthy work environments for our team members and customers. 

2. Do They Have a Solid Warranty?

Having a solid warranty sets this Tallahassee fence company apart from the competition. Guaranteeing their workmanship is a top priority and is never an issue for companies that have experienced and skilled installers on their team. Not all fence companies offer warranties on the fence itself or on their installation, but a reputable company will be sure to stand behind its work. 


B & T Fencing offers a full 1-year workmanship warranty on every fence we install. Additionally, most of our fence material manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on their products. We stand behind our work 100%. If there is a problem, we are committed to fixing it!

3. Do They Have a Variety of Fence Options?

A great Florida fence company offers a variety of fences in different styles and made from different materials. Due to recent supply chain issues, some products and colors are more difficult to stock. However, we will always do our best to provide exactly what you want. Once your product is in stock, we are committed to installing your fence as quickly as possible. Take a look at our Fence Estimator, and see some of the many options available to you for your fencing project.


B & T Fencing provides Residential and Commercial installation of the following styles: 

  • Ornamental Aluminum Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Chain-link Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Ornamental Steel Fencing
  • Pool Fencing

We are experts on every type of fencing that we install. Every product is made by reputable manufacturers and installed to your satisfaction. We will help guide you through the process from start to finish and will find the perfect fence for your needs. 

4. Have They Been in Business for Several Years?

A Florida fence company that has been around for several years is likely to be reliable, operate from a solid code of ethics, and have many satisfied customers. Our owner and president, Ryan Boyett, has over 20yrs of experience with B & T Fencing. He, along with the B & T Fencing team is dedicated to our customers and guarantees superior attention and craftsmanship. We are also committed to complete customer satisfaction. 

5. Do their Reviews Reflect Customer Satisfaction?

Before hiring a fence company, check their customer reviews and see what others have experienced while working with them. One of the benefits of today’s technology is that it’s easy to find information online. Finding company reviews before hiring them is as easy as checking their website or social media channels. B & T Fencing has several testimonials from our customers. Read what others have to say about us and then check out our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. 

It’s Important to Work With a Reputable Tallahassee Fence Company

What sets some fence companies apart from others is their commitment to maintaining the high standards we’ve discussed. The business model and practices they have in place should have an influence on your decision. Good people, quality materials, and an outstanding reputation in the community are what sets the best companies apart from the competition. 


B & T Fencing is dedicated to great communication and attention to detail from the time you call for an estimate to the time we finish your project. We are known for our exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with every step of the process and will stand by our work 100%.


B & T Fencing has proven to be a Florida fence company that you can trust. We are focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, contractors, and suppliers. This relationship extends not only to our local Florida communities of Tallahassee and Panama City but also to our Baldwin County, AL location as well. Our reputation is built on our experience, expertise, and commitment to our customers. 

You’ve Found the Best Tallahassee, Florida Fence Company in B & T Fencing

B & T Fencing would be honored to show you why we are the best Tallahassee fence company. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service and attention to your fencing project. Get started with our Fence Estimator tool and then Contact Us at one of our three locations to speak with one of our knowledgeable fence experts. We can’t wait to help you design your project from start to finish!


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